Provoke New Thinking

Real change is never plucked from thin air.

Every process that leads to change begins its life in somebody’s head, before working its way out and becoming reality.

It’s our job to transform the possibilities and maximise the potential of thought – we give our clients the tools to think and work critically, creatively and collaboratively, to challenge themselves to aim high, and to put plans into action and make a difference.

Transforming Thinking

Through our programmes, we give you the helping hand you need to break through barriers.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of putting that solution on the tip of your tongue into words, and into action. Sometimes, it’s about changing the way you look at the world, and helping you see the wood from the trees. Our approach is about encouraging people to take a step back to let them burst the conceptual bubbles they are trapped in, and backing people to think differently, to take risks and to take advantage of opportunities for change.

Embracing Change

As technologies develop and cultures change, it’s easy to be caught chasing your tail instead of getting ahead.

We confront old-fashioned thinking and embrace the changes we face in order to excel. Working with us, radical and ambitious thinking is embedded deep within every stage of our working method: from building new cross-sector partnerships, to utilising developing technologies, we show our clients how to combine an innovative business mind-set with a creative process to capitalise on an ever-changing environment.

If you’re interested in pushing yourself, your team or your community further on embracing change and raising the ambition, then get in touch.

Seeing the big picture

Our work isn’t theoretical; nor is it just about asking ‘what?’

Instead, we ask ‘why’ and look at tangible, practical ways of developing communities and letting them flourish. This means we don’t just offer a diagnostic approach, and find a quick-fix for the symptoms. We focus on digging deep into the underlying causes of inequality and deprivation, and then make sure we come up with a solution that works better and lasts longer.

If you’re interested in truly getting into the detail of some of the underlying causes of your big challenges then get in touch.

Spotting opportunities

Sometimes, communities are seen as lost causes.

If there’s no ambition, then there’s never any change – which is why we’ve set out to change perspectives and narratives. That means instead of focusing on negatives, we talk with communities to help them uncover the opportunities that lie before them, and work with them to find the best way to capitalise on them. We have a track record that proves how fostering ambitious thinking and optimism leads to results.

If you’re interested in another pair of eyes helping to spot the opportunities you have locally, then get in touch.

Empowering People

We want to help people realise that there’s nothing wrong with having a go.

There’s no good ideas checklist – an idea that sounds implausible, unusual or completely ‘out of the box’ at face value could be the one that turns a community around. We can provide the encouragement and the investment to turn visions into reality and give communities control over their own futures.

Investing in people

In less advantaged communities, everyday problems can require radical solutions.

That’s why it’s important that we put the tools in place so that communities are prepared to think big and take risks. From our initial diagnostics, to our workshops, to putting plans into action, we invite communities together to think creatively and innovatively. We work with our clients to invest the time and resources into people and places, ensuring everyone’s ideas can be heard and put into practice.

If you’re ambitious about delivering transformational change with and for local people, then get in touch.

Joining the Dots

Communities are about people – not organisations, structures or regulations.

Getting the work done right starts with ‘joining the dots’ – inviting the right local and regional people together to create networks that can confront problems and enable real change effectively.

We have practical examples of where we’ve helped spot and make connections across opportunities others haven’t spotted, examples of where we’ve worked with our partners to make good local opportunities great. And where this happens it unleashes a whole new set of possibilities.

Finding what works and building on it

We’ve been doing this for a while now – so we have a pretty good idea of the plans, practices and people to put together.

Delivering real change is frequently made too complex, with strategies and programmes and teams chopping and changing every five minutes. We’ve developed a comprehensive model of change which is simple, reliable and effective. It’s about backing individuals who are committed to investing their time and energy into their communities for the long haul, networking them to bring in fresh skills and ideas, and getting them to that critical moment that leads to real transformation.

If you’re ambitious about embracing a fresh approach that delivers tangible results, then get in touch.


The public, private and voluntary sectors aren’t renowned for always getting on as best of friends.

But this reluctance to work together, we think, is unnecessary; there’s no reason why social and corporate goals have to be mutually exclusive. We specialise in creating partnerships built around open dialogue – aligning cross-sector goals and developing bespoke solutions that lead to win-win situations for everyone involved.

If you’re ambitious about breaking down silos between organisations to bring out the best in each or in aligning your social and corporate goals, then get in touch.

Systems and Networks

It’s important to focus on systems and networks rather than reports and strategies.

Often, local programmes are judged to be too small-scale to demonstrate impact on their wider communities. Likewise, large strategic programmes seem to struggle to effectively engage with communities and deliver genuine change. Our approach builds the networks that involve key local and regional partners to create change, making sure all partners are involved and that those on the margins are represented.

If you’re ambitious about generating real and sustainable change at scale, then get in touch.