Our Approach

Our consultancy approach is not about just leaving you with a report. We get actively involved from the start, enabling clients to develop and deliver a clear vision and narrative.  We’re alongside you for the journey, for as long as you need us.

The flexible blend of skills across our team means we can be a trusted advisor and facilitator, a catalyst to bring people together. As a critical friend, we’ll also challenge existing ways of work and perceptions and encourage your ambition.


The results can be transformational, delivering aspirational physical and social regeneration programmes which have a positive impact on local communities. Everything we do is rooted in clear, practical and deliverable business plans with well-established milestones and timescales.

And we don’t keep success to ourselves! To share our experience and learning, we’ve captured the key processes that underpin sustainable transformation in our Model of Change.

Challenging thinking

We don’t accept mediocrity. We challenge and disrupt. We see things differently and challenge the norm.

Our work is about getting results – and one thing our years in this business have taught us is that to get results, sometimes you have to challenge the status quo. How you tackle your problems is informed by how you view the world around you – if you view the world as one that can’t be changed, we like to ask why. We build a working environment that encourages a different, positive worldview, that fosters innovative thinking and that disrupts accepted ways of working.

Uncompromising positivity

We keep an open mind and bring positivity to every situation.

We believe in the transformative possibilities of positivity, kindness and confidence. Recognising potential means to view problems as opportunities and keeping an open mind to people, places and ideas, whatever they might be and wherever they might come from. The result is stronger relationships, higher ambitions and a better environment for everybody.

People and place

People make places, and places make people. We love unlocking potential to drive change in both. We see people, not numbers.

We don’t work for the sake of producing spreadsheets and reports riddled with statistics, jargon and theoretical conclusions. When you throw out the bureaucracy and get out of the boardrooms, you can really confront the challenges that people and places are dealing with. Our success comes from putting the people that make up communities, not numbers, at the heart of our work.

Relentless persistence

Big challenges don’t get solved easily. We fight for the causes important to us and important to you. Whatever it takes.

Put simply, we will never be satisfied until the job is done. The big challenges never have easy solutions, so we put the hours in from day one until we’re certain we can leave our clients knowing they’re in a stronger position and have the tools in place to help themselves and keep improving.


We flip things on their head and see things that others don’t. By injecting creativity to our work, we unlock possibilities.

We have a habit of getting the best out of people, places and situations. In tackling a problem, you have to be prepared to see it from all angles and uncover the opportunities within it that others wouldn’t see. By encouraging our clients to be creative, bold and take risks, we’re showing them how to unlock possibilities and introduce the changes that make the lives of local people better.

Our Story
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