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At Well North Enterprises, we take a completely fresh approach to change management.

Using a social corporate opportunity approach, we rethink the large scale private sector development business model.

Our teams support health partnerships to embrace a more joined up approach to community-focused early intervention and prevention. We can also facilitate innovative finance strategies to create long term sustainability.

And by using our innovative Diagnostic, Immersion and Mobilisation process we open the way to creating a sustainable vision for change.

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When you’ve worked as closely with communities as we have, for as long as we have, you start to recognise the kinds of people who are leaders – even if they might not call themselves that.

It’s the kind of people who always think bigger than themselves, who take action however small or large, and can be relied on to remain in it for the long term. It’s sometimes just a matter of getting the conditions right for somebody to recognise themselves as a leader.

We offer a range of opportunities to harness these conditions, from bespoke programmes to workshops to mentorship schemes, so that these individuals unlock their full potential and achieve great things for their communities.


Knowing yourself is the first step to becoming a leader.

From your strengths and weaknesses, to your potential, to the habits, quirks and idiosyncrasies that make you what you are. Before getting you started on your path to leadership, we offer both a bespoke social and entrepreneurial self-assessment tool, as well as a 360 degree feedback process that lets you build your confidence in yourself and set out realistic, but ambitious, goals.


A leader always knows what needs doing, and how to get it done right.

Our masterclasses focus on broadening and drilling down your skill set; looking at influence, credibility, confidence, business skills, entrepreneurialism and pragmatism. We offer residential courses, team exercises and the chance to learn from and work with the experts. The programme can be tailored to suit any particular individual or team, leading to your having the skills to do things you didn’t think you could do.

Action learning

We’re firm believers in learning by doing.

Action learning – taking a team into a community and confronting their challenges and their opportunities head-on – is a powerful, productive way of bringing teams together to discover a new way of looking at the world. It allows a group to recognise its own strengths, collectively and individually, and gives them the tools to sustain themselves and continue improving.


With a mentor, as opposed to with a coach, you will build a close, professional relationship with an expert from your field, and develop yourself towards your own personal goals using their skills and experiences. Working with you gives you access to the cream of the crop of mentors seasoned in whatever discipline you want to master – we will take a keen interest in your development and help you sculpt your skill set and build your confidence to the level needed for achieving your goals.


Good relationships are the key to successful business.

We can offer you a shortcut to a world of people that’s taken years to shape, by giving you entry into an impressive, mature address book and showing you the means of connecting people effectively. A good mentor is somebody with years of experience giving you a leg-up towards building strong relationships with the best people in your field.


Work, like the rest of life, can be demanding and take its toll.

One of the key outcomes of mentorship is to teach you how to cope with and thrive under high-pressure situations. Our resilience training programmes are tailor made to match your personal challenges and goals, allowing you to apply a more resourceful, positive mindset to day-to-day tasks in your work of creating more connected communities.


Our team of coaches are qualified, experienced, and a lovely bunch to boot. We love helping people find what makes them tick, building on it, and using it to make a difference in the world. We offer one-to-one and team coaching sessions to work with you in conversation to develop you as individuals and make progress on your future goals – whether they be winning a contract, losing a stone or conquering the world.

One-to-one coaching

Our one-to-one sessions are personal, confidential and tailored to you and your goals. We will work collaboratively to develop your own clear action plan, which will be reviewed each session to find unique ways to learn, develop and maximise your strengths.

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Team coaching

Team coaching, in the short term, lets you achieve clarity over your shared purpose, and agree the best way to unblock your problems as a team, working to everybody’s strengths to develop actions and make change. In the long term, it gives you the tools to improve relationships, communicate better and be self-critical.

Training in coaching skills

Our workshops share the skills – which anybody can learn – to allow you to build a culture of positivity and empowerment. Learning how to use coaching skills allows you to support others to develop their own solutions and ideas, to generate realistic actions and to grow in confidence.

Bespoke Support

We want to help you succeed – by combining the expertise of Well North Enterprises in helping to build relationships, connections and innovative ways of engaging people with Prospect’s vast experience of public sector leadership development over 15 years.

Shaping future local healthcare services

We’re working with our partner Prospect Business Consulting to offer Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Partnerships new tools and training resources to deliver clear benefits for both patients and clinicians.

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