Atul champions change for St Paul’s Way

Published On: 28th November 2020

When Lord Andrew Mawson OBE, Executive Chairman of Well North Enterprises, launched the St Paul’s Way Transformation Project (SPWTP) in East London in 2006, he found a kindred spirit in community pharmacist Atul Patel.

St Paul’s Way is one of the most deprived areas in Tower Hamlets but lies in the midst of Europe’s largest regeneration area. A series of significant developments were planned along the street, but the thinking was not ‘joined-up’ – a new school, health centre and housing were all going to be built in isolation from each other.

Andrew Mawson brought together public and private sector partners, including Atul’s Lincoln Pharmacy, to shape and deliver a co-ordinated vision for the area. Fourteen years on it is thriving – concrete evidence that high quality education and job opportunities, good housing, social connections and recreation spaces are all contributing factors to good health.

“Atul’s professional expertise, passion, and great communication skills have been a driving force behind the St Paul’s Way transformation,“ says Andrew. “We were tremendously lucky to meet Atul and harness his energy and talent for the wider good of the community.”

In a wide-ranging interview with P3 Pharmacy, Atul has shared the story of his involvement in SPWTP and reflected on how his philosophy of focusing on people not symptoms is at the heart of his entrepreneurial approach to wellbeing.

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