The NHS Transformation Unit (TU) specialise in the strategic transformation of health and care. The TU offer a range of consultancy services that are tailored to meet the needs of each client, ensuring transformation programmes are clinically led, person centred and efficiently programme managed.

The TU are dedicated to making the public purse go further, by supporting NHS organisations to deliver change which will improve the quality of services, in a more cost-effective way than other commercial management consultancies.

The relationship between Well North Enterprises and the TU grew out of the business partnership Well North has had, since its inception, with Prospect. Prospect could see the alignment between our respective values and the goals we are both focused on helping our clients achieve. They could see how our respective offers complemented each other and a partnership collaboration between Well North Enterprises, Prospect and the TU is now in place. This collaboration allows each of us to bring in the skills, experience and dynamism of the partnering organisation to enhance the offer to our clients.

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