Prospect Business Consulting

Donna Bradshaw, Well North’s System Leadership Advisor, is also the CEO of Prospect – an innovative people, leadership and transformation enterprise. Prospect ( partners with Well North Enterprises and ArtSocial to deliver many aspects of the Well North Enterprises offer. These include the systems diagnostics and immersion events and also the ‘Energising People’ offers, including the very successful leadership programme and coaching.

The Prospect Team have a significant track record in supporting places, organisations, teams and individuals to work together effectively – whether that is in a community, organisational or business context. Prospect designed and delivered the successful community and entrepreneurial leadership programme, using many tools, models and techniques that they have developed over 13 years as part of their business. They thrive in unleashing the potential of people and place and the partnership with Well North Enterprises ensures that the important human dimension of our work is expertly facilitated and developed.

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