Lytham St Annes to work with Well North Enterprises to improve health and wellbeing

Published On: 6th February 2019

In partnership with NHS Fylde and Wyre Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Well North Enterprises (WNE) will work with local people to look at ways to bring people together to improve the health and wellbeing of Lytham St Annes residents, by identifying and unlocking potential in the local area.

Initial work will begin later this spring, through local conversations and workshops involving the public, GPs, council officers, business leaders and third sector organisations, to identify the challenges and opportunities and agree their vision for Lytham and St Annes.

Lucinda McArthur, Chief Executive of Well North Enterprises, said:  “This is a really exciting piece of work as there is so much potential in Lytham St Annes with great work already ongoing.  Our role is to be alongside people to catalyse change that will make a real and sustainable difference to people living there.

“Its coastal location, active and engaged residents, and strong leadership will all play a part in creating a refreshed and sustainable vision for the community.  The local NHS team is bold in its outlook, and this could well be the start of a radical new approach to healthier, more sustainable communities for the wider North West coast area.”

Lytham GP Dr Ruth Mason said: “Nobody knows the Lytham St Annes area better than the people who live there, so we are keen to put them at the centre of conversations around improving health and wellbeing in the area.

“There has been a lot of work over the past 12 months on bringing people together within their local communities to tackle the issues affecting them and empowering them to do something about it.

“We have seen the work Well North has done in other areas such as Skelmersdale and we are keen to replicate that here on the Fylde Coast.”

Fylde Council chief executive Allan Oldfield said: “Fylde is already involved with a number of schemes that promote health and wellbeing, this new programme is focused on making connections that will open up opportunities creating sustainable initiatives that are delivered by local residents within the community of Lytham St Annes.

“Fylde Council is delighted to have the opportunity to take a supporting role in delivering this programme which will be used as a blueprint to positively influence health and wellbeing across the Fylde Coast area.”



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