New offer to support the development of community leaders and social entrepreneurs

Published On: 24th August 2020

Unlocking potential in people and places needs vision, enthusiasm, insight, and energy. Finding and developing community and social entrepreneurial leaders is the key to success.

Well North Enterprises and Prospect Business Consulting have created, and successfully piloted, an innovative leadership programme designed to support the development of community leaders and social entrepreneurs as the catalysts for transformational change in organisations and communities. Each programme is bespoke to participants and embraces diversity of background, culture, approach and experience.

Speaking about the programme, Donna Bradshaw, Chief Executive of Prospect and Senior Leadership Adviser for Well North Enterprises said: “it is a programme that has been developed together as a result of four years working together as partners in 10 pathfinders across the North of England through the Well North programme. We have delivered this programme to a number of the pathfinder areas and received fantastic evaluations. We are really proud of the programme and are excited to start to deliver it within other communities and organisations”.

Lord Andrew Mawson, Executive Chairman of Well North Enterprises added: “The future of public service in the UK is all about stimulating ‘joined up’, self-help entrepreneurial cultures in which everyone has a role to play and a contribution to make. This leadership programme, which I am pleased to be working on with Donna and the Prospect team, builds on the work we have been doing together across the country with the public, business and voluntary sectors over the last 4 years. The future is all about people and relationships not endless over complicated systems and processes driven by out of date ideology. This programme will give leaders the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the modern world.”

Download more information here or get in touch with us at for an informal conversation.

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