Science Summer School goes online

Published On: 7th July 2020

This year’s Science Summer School with Professor Brian Cox will go ahead on Thursday 9th July, thanks to technology!

Lord Andrew Mawson, Executive Chair of Well North Enterprises, is one of the founders of the event, which inspires young people to become the next generation of Britain’s scientists.

“This is the ninth Science Summer School that we have run in partnership with St Paul’s Way Trust School in East London, and the first time we have attempted to run what is normally a two-day event on line with 800 students,” he explained.

“This year we will be joined by students from both St Paul’s Way Trust School and East London schools as well as our partner schools in Rotherham, Skelmersdale and Northern Ireland, as the programme expands nationally into the North of England.”

Look out for feedback from the event on our website.

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