Integrating health, leisure and enterprise 

Well North Enterprises (WNE) is working with Yeme Architects in Bradford on an innovative regeneration project in Bradford, linking social interaction opportunities with better health outcomes.


The Squire Lane project is transforming a derelict four- acre site opposite Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust into a community asset offering health, leisure, retail, business and social interaction opportunities, set in a welcoming green space within the Girlington neighbourhood of Bradford.


“In partnership with Yeme, the local authority and other stakeholders, we’re bringing a new entrepreneurial approach to delivering a healthier future for the Girlington community,” said Lord Andrew Mawson, Executive Chair of WNE. “By working with local people to completely reimagine what the site could offer, we have an outstanding opportunity to generate sustainable change and transform their health and wellbeing.”


Watch this short film to find out more about the innovative thinking and vision behind this exciting new community hub concept

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