New offer supports clinical leadership challenges

Joining the dots to enable health and other services to work together effectively and provide better access for patients is the challenge facing Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs).

Moving from an individual organisation based approach to creating people focused systems needs significant clinical leadership and change management. Well North Enterprises and long-term partner Prospect Business Consulting have combined their expertise to offer PCNs and ICPs new tools and training resources to deliver clear benefits for patients and clinicians.

From identifying a population’s health needs, assets and opportunities to developing collaborative teams and leaders, the new resources can be tailored to each PCN’s or LCP’s stage of maturity. The goal is to develop a co-designed programme, ranging from leading across systems/boundaries and strategic negotiation to entrepreneurial development and building resilience for leaders.

“We bring tried and tested skills in building relationships and connections, alongside innovative ways of engaging with people,” said Well North Enterprises Executive Chair Lord Andrew Mawson.”Combined with Prospect’s track record in delivering public sector leadership development for over 15 years, this adds up to a powerful offer.”

Donna Bradshaw, Chief Executive Officer of Prospect, added: “Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Partnerships are significant catalysts for change, at both the individual patient and system-wide level. It’s essential that leaders and teams are equipped with the knowledge and skills to operate effectively together and so to have a real impact on health and wellbeing in the communities they serve.”

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