Jackie Barringer


Throughout her career, Jackie has always strived to help everybody around her recognise their potential, and have the confidence and skills to fulfil it.

From starting her career originally as a nurse, where she would mentor students and support her co-workers in order to deliver the highest standard of care for patients, Jackie’s commitment to workforce development has seen her clock up delivering over 10 years’ consultancy delivering 300 leadership programmes, including 100 team development sessions in the last three years. And as a qualified coach, she’s provided over 3000 hours of coaching ranging from senior managers in the private and public sectors, to NHS personnel, to our pathfinder communities.

Being highly qualified in management, facilitation, and a range of psychometrics, Jackie adopts the belief that no one method fits all. Rather, she prefers to work alongside her clients to help them define their goals, and then gets them firing on all cylinders by using her experiences of coaching techniques alongside her natural enthusiasm, intuition and warmth.

She is driven by her desire to encourage people to see the potential of what they can do, and empower them to make their communities strong, vibrant and thriving places. She has enjoyed immensely working with communities, Community Interest Companies and social entrepreneurs. Work life balance is important to her and she enjoys the company of her friends and family, and expressing her creativity through floristry.

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