Kate Brown


Kate’s always questioned ‘why’, and while Google has allowed her to answer some of her more obscure questions, what really lights a spark in Kate’s life is speaking with individuals.

She loves to ask people ‘why’, in order to connect deeper and get to know who people really are, and what really makes them tick.

Bringing this desire for the deep and meaningful conversations into her working life has ensured that whether as a Parent Support Advisor, Youth Worker, Mentor, Teaching Assistant, Coach or Holistic Therapist, Kate has gained a deep understanding of humans and the threads that connect us.

Using Compassionate Communication as a foundational tool, Kate helps individuals and groups to verbalise and hear the needs that are driving their behaviours. Through this raised awareness, connection, empathy and understanding of self and others, solutions to challenges and difficulties naturally present themselves.

As well as supporting WellNorth Enterprises, Kate runs her own business, working alongside businesses and individuals, with the aim of facilitating a calmer and more connected world through massage, reiki, meditation and coaching.

Kate has volunteered, in various roles, since she was 14 years of age, and can currently be found mud-deep with Olinda Community Partnership and Dunham Massey, helping to create community gardens and leading park tours.

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