Lord Nigel Crisp KCB

Special Adviser

Nigel has inspired and led radical change for over 40 years, across community development, industry and the NHS.

After a lifetime of service in some of the toughest leadership roles, his wealth of practical experience and his innovative mindset are a huge asset for the Well North Enterprises team.

Studying philosophy honed Nigel’s approach to thinking about why things happen and how to balance the theoretical with the practical. He certainly did this during 20 years of holding senior roles in the NHS, and his six years in the top job led to significant changes for the better across health services.

Nigel doesn’t just think outside the box, he has a global vision for improving health and shaping community wellbeing. He believes we can learn significant lessons about health from low and middle income countries. Innovation thrives when resources are limited, and there’s no baggage or vested interests to stifle it.

Now Nigel is literally “Turning the World Upside Down”, using ideas from his book and working with the World Health Organisation to drive the Nursing Now movement. Currently in 103 countries, this massive campaign aims to give nurses more recognition, investment and influence. He is absolutely certain that women, especially nurses, and a community-led approach hold the key to healthier futures for everyone.

Read more about Nigel’s remarkable career and thought-leadership at https://nigelcrisp.com/

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