Mark Ashton

Well North Enterprises Ambassador

A born performer, Mark is a creative leader who makes sure everyone gets their chance in the spotlight.

Little did Mark know when he started directing school plays aged 16 that he would go on to build a youth theatre social enterprise that has involved over 20,000 people in West Lancashire in almost 100 shows and events.

Initially channelling his energy into football and the performing arts, Mark took a huge risk by giving up his job at a training company to follow his dream. Alongside teaching performing arts in schools, he set up a business helping young people across West Lancashire to put on shows.

In a leap of faith, Mark and his team took over a rundown community asset building and created the Artz Centre in Skelmersdale. In just 10 months, they secured funding and installed fully equipped recording, photography and make-up studios. A second Artz Centre has recently opened in a disused library, a creative hub for people of all ages.

Mark believes effective leaders are disruptive, ready to challenge the status quo and bring out the best in their teams. He wants to see a world where people and communities respond creatively to unemployment, isolation and poverty – and give people the opportunity to be the very best person they can be.

Alongside his ability to nurture talent, Mark also has a shrewd business sense. Around 95% of the Artz Centre’s income is generated from the services it provides – a great social enterprise model. His expertise in harnessing creativity to bring people together and drive entrepreneurial change makes him a superb Ambassador for Well North Enterprises.

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