Matt Worden

Associate and Well North Artist

Matt has a long history of helping people to understand themselves and the world around them through pictures. As our resident artist, he uses his skills to capture the special moments that community members experience in visual form, and to engage people in new conversations by showing them how to use creative thinking to confront the challenges they face. Matt stays true to his ethos of valuing the power of relationships and deeply embedding himself into everything he’s a part of by being an ever-present face at every stage of our process, from planning, to diagnostic, to workshop facilitation.

Working in non-clinical mental health services in the NHS for 25 years, Matt helped to reshape perceptions and treatment of mental health to help people live the best lives that they can, with a focus on helping with employment and encouraging creative skills to boost their confidence and aspirations to pursue new personal goals. For Well North, Matt aims to continue to seek out and captivate the people willing to put the work in and embrace creativity to make their communities vibrant, engaged and optimistic.

He is driven by his own first-hand experiences of the impact that mental health can have on your lives, as well as his knowledge that things can always get better. Unsurprisingly, he is deeply embedded within his own community, being an active member of a local social club, running a suburban disco and setting up mental health art project Studio 1.

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