Michelle Morgan

Project Co-ordinator

Michelle believes in the power of relationships and is passionate about getting involved with people and their communities.

Through her work in teaching and restorative practice, she’s seen first-hand how talking about issues, thinking differently and resolving conflicts can help build better relationships.

Using this approach in the school where she taught, Michelle supported children and young people, whose behaviour was a barrier to them, in realising their potential. She’s now busy setting up community circles to help connect families in her south Liverpool neighbourhood.

Alongside supporting the Well North Enterprises team, Michelle also provides restorative practice training for schools, families and workplaces. Her belief that enabling people to express themselves has a profoundly positive impact on their self-esteem and mental health is one shared by all our team.

Strong family bonds have rooted Michelle in Merseyside, but sharing her home with Mongolian asylum seekers prompted a yearning to see the world. A year of travelling almost led to a career as a snowboarding instructor, but it was a (half-pipe) dream as her heart was always in teaching.

A mum of two, her travels now involve regular family cycling trips around local parks.

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