Nicola Gleave


Nicola doesn’t so much open doors as kick them straight off their hinges.

In over two decades of working alongside entrepreneurs and communities, she has earned herself the reputation of being ambitious and tireless in helping people to maximise their potential and seize opportunities to make a real difference in their communities.

Nicola’s goal is to use her knowledge and experience to change the way people think in order to see the world differently and find those opportunities that allow them to live better lives. She works from the ground up, with people at the centre at every stage: from installing ambition into a community, to letting enterprises flourish, to making sure the right funding is identified and secured.

Her sharp eye for opportunity and energetic enthusiasm have resulted in her leading the successful bid and delivery for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool, and founding the charity-fundraising fashion resale site, to name just two endeavours. She’s earned the hot yoga sessions she loves so much.

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