Professor Sir Sam Everington

Special Adviser

Helping people to succeed in what they want to achieve has been Sam’s guiding principle for over 35 years as a campaigner, GP and policy adviser.

Although he initially trained as a barrister, Sam changed track and followed his heart to become a doctor. As a junior doctor, he was something of a maverick. He fought to reduce the dangerously long hours of junior doctors in the 1980s and campaigned for women’s rights in childbirth.

Sam also nearly ended up in jail after working with a colleague to expose racial discrimination in recruitment to medical posts. His analytical approach ultimately led to an investigation into the wider discrimination prevalent across health care services, and to major policy changes.

This practical approach to making things better for everyone is reflected in Sam’s pioneering work as a GP at the Bromley by Bow Centre. A founder of the social prescribing movement, he focuses on what matters to patients and their families, not just what’s the matter with them.

Sam is a respected adviser to government ministers, clinical commissioning groups and other health policy makers – but is not afraid to speak truth to power. However monumental the task, he believes innovation, co-operation, compassion and not being judgmental can potentially change the world.

A key focus of Sam’s work with Well North Enterprises is around creating and supporting leaders. He is continually striving to be the kind of leader he admires: someone who is positive, wants to build a better environment and culture, knows their own strengths and failings, and is aware that they will only truly succeed as part of a team.

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