Richard Mallett


Richard has a lifetime of experience managing inter-generational projects helping to transform communities.

Passion for an initial hobby (trumpet playing) led Richard into a world of working in the arts, or the creative industries as it is now widely termed.

From humble beginnings as the office boy in a major South London arts centre, Richard learned how the entertainment business works from the ground up. He moved onto managing arts companies in The Philippines, Australia and the UK, and finally starting his own business 23 years ago with a focus on inter-generational project management in arts and science. Along the way, he has amassed a wealth of experience and transferable skills working with local communities, the public sector and business.

Now, whether it is producing a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, a Science Summer School with Professor Brian Cox OBE, or assessing a new project challenge, Richard has the benefit of a lifetime of experience while always being ready to respond to new opportunities.

The best projects are built upon collaboration where different disciplines are encouraged to work together for the common good. Add to this a rock-solid foundation of strong leadership and management, and projects start to take off and make a difference.

Underpinning everything is a commitment to help making these exciting collaborations possible, often within fragmented or isolated communities, which help empower people to work and build something better together.

Richard still has his trumpet!

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